About Jorhat

View of Jorhat Town

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Dhekiakhuwa BorNamghar

Dhekiakhowa Bornamghor is a namghar in Jorhat, Assam, that was established by saint-reformer Madhavdeva in 1528. It is located at Dhekiakhowa village of Jorhat, 15 km towards the east of Jorhat town, 3.5 km away from National Highway 37. It is called a Bornamghar because of its historical association and large campus. The namghar is situated in a complex of facilities spread over 13 bighas of land.

Lachit Moidam

Lachit Borphukan was the greatest-ever Ahom General, who defeated the Mughals during the famous war at Saraighat (1672). Situated in Jorhat, the vault was built in order to honor this great warrior of 16th century.

Hollongaper Gibbon

A small Sanctuary of 20.98 sq kms in Jorhat district with semi-evergreen forests and evergreen patches amidst Tea Gardens and human settlements. The Sanctuary is named after the only Ape (Hoolock Gibbon) found in India.

Shanti Ashram

Shanti Ashram ,now known as "Saraswata Matha" or "Assam Bongiya Saraswata Matha" founded by Swami Nigamananda in the suspicious occasion of Akshay Tritiya at Kokilamukh on 5th Baisakh 1919 B.S.The main objective of "Shanti Ashram"to fulfill his three missions, to propagate Sanatana Dharma (spreading eternal religion), spreading true education and serve everybody as god incarnate.

Raja Moidam

Raja Maidam is the vault of King Purandar Sinha, who died in October 1894. The maidam was constructed to preserve the remains (ashes) of the late king and is located on the south bank of Toklai River.